A small introduction

The things in life that make me happy were defined at a young age.  If you asked me at 5 years old what my favorite things were, they would be the same today.  My mother even has a kindergarten paper to prove it!  I wish I had that with me here to share with you.  But since I don’t I will let you know a little about myself.

I am a 51 year old single woman from Scottsdale, Arizona; never been married and never had children.   There are days that I’m very sad that it turned out that way, and others where not so much.  I always wanted to have that picture-perfect family and I really wanted to adopt kids.  I myself am a single child and it can be very lonely.  I know, I know…single child, spoiled and all that!  Although we weren’t rich, we weren’t poor so I was and am a little spoiled.  But I always dreamed of what it would be like to have a sibling.  I was surrounded by a lot of adults but not many children my age.   I was very introverted and it wasn’t easy for me to make friends.  I think a lot of single children must grow up with social phobias though I’m not sure.  That said, I’ve been very lucky in life and have absolutely nothing to complain about but you can bet that there are days I still do!

Even at this age, most of time I feel what I call “not so normal”.  You might call it weird:)  Society expects certain things of people, and I can be rather hard on myself because I don’t fit the mold.  I have wonderful parents and a close group of girlfriends that I’ve had since high school.  The time I spend with them are the times I feel the best.  I can be quiet, I can be goofy, I can be me!  They accept me and love me for who I am and I do the same right back.

I have great passion for art, books, decorating, fashion and music.  I  like working out but I am not great at most things sporty and tend to get hurt doing them because I’m dorky.  I can’t live my life without pets.  I’ve had a lot of pets and each one is so special in their way.  The unconditional love they give is priceless and there is nothing like it.   I like to keep the things and people surrounding me serene and free of conflict. Therefore, I don’t like reality shows, political conversations and most things that can turn to nastiness on a dime. There are two things that unfailingly make me cry;  cruelty to children and cruelty to animals.

This blog will be about all of these things and more.  Whatever strikes my fancy.  I hope people read and enjoy it. There’s no special goal in mind, just the randomness of being.  Cheers!




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